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Lead Onion reveals the companies actively searching for your product or service now, allowing you to prospect at scale - fast! 


Find out who is engaging with

  • Your competitors
  • Relevant Content
  • Important events


The Data



Business Profiles

Covering everything B2B from
small to mid-market to enterprise.
Offering complete coverage and
100% compliant B2B data



Content Signals

Monitors Intent Topics and provides additional layers of intent by highlighting high-value content consumption across over 5k sites



Intent Signals

Monitor competitors, keywords, corporate events, job postings & company growth signals for a broad intent coverage



B2B Content Sites

Comprehensive coverage across all the major B2B Content Sites



European Profiles

The leading, strongest European dataset in the industry



Direct Dials

Coverage across Europe and the United States



Identified In-Market Accounts

Identify companies who are in buying mode



Technologies Mapped

Smarter targeting enabled for smarter prospecting

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Great Platform for Identifying Leads! LinkedIn Prospector and Website Intent are 2 great features of the platform that make analysing large amounts of data easy. Access to their onboarding specialists has been excellent.”

Commercial Director Small-Business

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The world’s leading data platform

Globally Compliant B2B Contact Data - ISO 27001 Accredited System

ISO 27001 Verified

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Contact Lookup

Contact Lookup

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Intent Signals

Topic Intent

Topic Intent

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G2 Intent

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Website Intent

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Domain Lookup

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Lead Onion is the B2B Sales Team's best kept secret

"The Lead Onion tool is so great, it’s worth keeping under wraps. 
I don’t necessarily want all my partners or competitors to know I’m using this tool, because it gives us the competitive advantage." 

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company, March 2021

“It is increasingly necessary to work with technology that learns at scale. This requires developing technology capabilities that can read and interpret signals of consumer intent and consumer responses.”


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Fill your funnel with leads at every layer of intent

Automatically drop intent-driven prospects directly into your marketing and sales funnels – at scale!


Discover leads that have engaged with your competitors in the last 24 hrs

Your target customers are already talking to your competitors. Get 25 free leads now and find out who they are. 

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